The Controller of Examinations office plays a greater role in the autonomy. The office of the Controller of Examinations has been functioning since the academic year 2013 2014 for conducting end semester examinations. The Office of the Controller of Examinations has the facilities such as computer facilities, printing and photocopying facilities, strong room and adequate staff to conduct the examinations and publish the results. The central valuation system is followed for evaluating the theory answer scripts. Dummy numbers are used to maintain confidentiality. The CoE office follows a very clear, well- planned academic schedule. Evaluation is on the basis of both Continuous Assessment and End Semester Examinations.

CoE office work is divided into the following three categories on functional basis.

  • Pre Examinations Process
  • Examinations Process
  • Post Examinations Process

Pre Examinations Work

It is basically related to preparation of academic schedule, creation of bio data for first year students, updating the result, preparation of panel of examiners for practical examinations, preparation of exam applications, arrangement of stationeries for conduction of both practical and theory examinations, preparation of hall tickets, preparation of theory examination time table, sending the letter to the question paper setters, receiving the question papers, conducting the question paper scrutiny committee meeting, printing of question papers etc.,

Examinations Process

It is mainly related to make arrangement for vigilance squads to visit examination cell and exam halls, submission of question paper bundles date and session wise 45 minutes before the commencement of examinations, receiving the answer scripts bundles daily as per the dispatch slip from the exam cell, printing the dummy numbers on the answer scripts and arranging the answer scripts board wise etc,.

Post Examinations Process:

It is related to make all the arrangements for paper valuation, conversion of marks into grades, arranging the performance analysis committee meeting and result passing board meeting, publishing the results in the college website, showing the evaluated answer scripts to the students, revaluation procedure to the students through Principal and HoDs, conducting the revaluation, publishing the revaluation results, review process, printing the mark sheets, distribution of mark sheets, completion of final account settlement process etc,.

Bearers of the Office of the Controller of Examinations:

Controller of Examinations Dr.P.Kannan B.E., M.E., Ph.D.,
Deputy Controller of Examinations Dr.K.Balachandran M.Sc., Ph.D.,
Deputy Controller of Examinations - Automation Ms.V.Shanmugavalli B.E., M.E., (Ph.D.,)
Assistant Controller of Examinations

Mr.B.Goutham B.E., M.E.,
Mr.P.Sasikumar B.E., M.E.,
Ms.R.Logambal B.E., M.E.,
Ms.A.Archana B.Tech., M.Tech.,

Computer Operator

Ms.S.Manimekalai B.E.,
Ms.P.Kalaivani M.C.A.,
Ms.T.Indirani M.C.A.,

Office Assistant Mr.S.Jeevanandham