Staff Development Cell

The Faculty Development Forum (FDP) has been started since 12.09.2006. The Forum has initiated its first talk on "Humanistic Resource" by Mrs.N.Preetha, Asst.Prof/ CSE, and it has already stepped over skill and drill Event after organizing the "Teachers Day" by our staff members during September 2008 for Teachers' Day celebration.

Now, the Faculty Development Forum (FDF) has recently been renamed as Staff Development Cell (SDC) to focus all staff members of VCEW. The intension of this change is to cultivate both teaching and non-teaching staff members in all dimensions towards the central objective of the institution. The staff members are shaped at regular interval by bringing high potential talented resource persons from heterogeneous areas to extend the knowledge and quality of staff members according to the cutting-edge technology of the engineering environment. Dr.S.Gnana Doss, Professor/CSE has been retained as the convener and Dr.S.Kannan, Associate Professor1/Mech has been designated as Co-convener of the SDC.The Faculty Development Forum (FDP) has been started since 12.09.2006. The Forum creates a platform to interact and share the knowledge among staff members. In this, various Resource Persons from heterogeneous departments both internal and external have taken part. The Forum has started its first seminar titled "Humanistic Resource" by Mrs.N.Preetha, Asst.Prof/ CSE.department.

The numbers of events/symposium/seminar/conferences are in the line to cater the humanistic approach and comprehensive skills and knowledge towards the modern teaching methodology and pedagogy.