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About IIC

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India has established 'MHRD's Innovation Cell (MIC)' to systematically foster the culture of Innovation amongst all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The primary mandate of MIC is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas while they are in formative years. MIC has envisioned creation of Institution's Innovation Council (IICs) across selected HEIs. A network of these IICs will be established to promote innovation in the Institution through multitudinous modes leading to an innovation promotion eco-system in these campuses.

On 2018, the Institution's Innovation Council was established in our Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women campus accordance with the MHRD-IIC initiative, with the mission of promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among teachers and students. The VCEW's motto is "To promote Imagination into Reality." The council's activities are carried out according to a set of programme intended to increase students to think broadly. IIC conducted so many activities throughout the year and it makes our students as Job Makers. Success of our IIC institution is the participation of student members are increased day by day.


To cater the needs of students as well as faculty entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of social relevance and there by disseminating a culture of entrepreneurship in campus which will boost our education system and there by growing the national economic and social development


To develop a system with required infrastructure that can enable students and faculty to innovate and prototype their ideas with industrial standards and support from Government, industry and reputed academic institutions around the world and help them to realize their potentials

Objectives of IIC
  • To motivate and encourage institutions primarily from the technical domain to create a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship among academia including students and faculties
  • To focus on institutes specially in the regions which do not have the desired innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • To build a vibrant innovation ecosystem that leads to the creation of a startup culture in the nearby regions.
  • To enable and build a network between academia, investors, mentors, industries and other institutions.
  • To provide grants-in-aid funding support to innovative ideas and convert them into prototypes and further to startups.
Mentor-Mentee Institution Nominee List
S.No Institute Name Institute Coordinator Mentor Institute Nominee
1. Nehru Institute of Technology Mrs. V. Shinduja 1.Dr. M. Sethu,
AP/BT, 9962994502
2. Mr. S. Balakrishnan,
AP/ECE, 9080025577
2. Vivekanandha College of Technology for Women Mrs. M. Meena 1.Ms.S.Sinduja,
AP/CSE, 9498088175
AP/CST, 9600440061
3. Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women Mr. P. Sasikumar 1.Dr.K.Venkataramanan,
AP/EEE, 8667815240
2. Mr.T. Saravanan,
AP/IT, 9790373816
4. Vivekanandha Arts and Science College for Women Mr.S.Ramesh 1.Mr. R. Dhanapal,
AP/BME, 8012374793
2.Dr. G. Vjayakumar,
AP/S & H, 9952787709
Institutions Innovation Council Members
Role Name
President Dr. KCK. Vijayakumar
Vice President Dr. P. T. Kalaivaani
Convener Mrs. C. Rithika
ARIIA coordinator Dr. N. Mohanapriya
NIRF Coordinator Dr. R. Saravanakumar
Innovation Activity Coordinator Mr. S. Balakrishnan
IPR Activity Coordinator Dr. K. Satheshkumar
Startup Activity Coordinator Dr. R. Nithya
Internship Activity Coordinator Dr. M. Sethu
Social Media Coordinator Dr. G. Vijayakumar
Innovation Ambassadors
S.No Faculty Name Department
1. Mrs. C. Rithika ECE
2. Dr. M. Malathi ECE
3. Dr. G. Vijayakumar S & H
4. Dr. K. Venkataramanan EEE
5. Mr. M. Sethu BT
6. Ms. S. Sinduja CSE
7. Dr. P. T. Kalaivani ECE
8. Dr. E. Kamalavathy ECE
9. Mr. E. Thangadurai IT
10. Ms. Fowjiya CST
Academic I & E Activity

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