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About the Library

           The College takes pride in having a Central Library housed in ground floor with a built up area of 586.42 Sq.mts. The Library has more than 46,391 books and 116 subscribed periodicals which include national and international journals as well as Magazines. All back issues of Journals, Project reports, Question Bank etc., are bound and kept for ready reference. There is a separate reading section for all the students. The Library has been digitalized by using ‘Autolib’ Software Version 17.1 and it is well maintained and updated regularly.

          Library is the Heart of the Institution provides the information to the right user, which gives right document at right time. The library contributes directly to the institution’s mission and equips students with skills and knowledge which they need to achieve academically and to maximize their employability.

Staff members
S.No Name of the Library Staff Designation Qualification
1 Mrs.S.Kamalaveni Librarian M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil
2 Mr.C.Shanmugam Asst Librarian BA.,M.L.I.Sc
3 Mrs.S.Revathi Asst Librarian B.A.,C.L.I.Sc.,B.L.I.Sc.,M.L.I.Sc
4 Mrs.M.Sivagamani Library Asst B.Com.,B.L.I.Sc., MA
5 Mrs.D.Malliga Library Asst B.C.A., C.L.I.Sc
6 Mrs.K.Revathi Library Asst B.lit., C.L.I.Sc
7 Mrs.K.Geethamani Library Asst M.A.,B.Ed.,B.L.I.Sc
Membership Details
S.No Member Details No. of books Period Loan
1 Faculty 10 180 days
3 UG Students 6 14 days
3 PG Students 8 14 days
4 Book Bank for all students 6 180 days
  • Acquisition Section. (Book Recommendation & Requirement)
  • Technical Section. (New Book Processing)
  • Periodical Section. (Journal and Magazine)
  • Circulation Section. (Book Issue & Return)
  • Book Bank Section. ( Users keep the books up to 6 months)
  • Stack Maintenance. (Book Shelf Arrangement)
  • Thesis Section. (Project Report - Faculty members & Students)
  • Digital Library. (Computer with internet and head phone facility)
  • Reference Section. (Rare & Costly Book)
  • New Arrival Section. ( New books & other reading materials)
  • Career Guidance Section. (Competitive Exam)
  • Back Volume Section. (Old volumes of journals & Magazines)
  • Reading Hall
S.No Particulars Collections
1 Books 46,391
2 Periodicals 116
3 E-Books 10,685
4 E-Journals 948
5 Back Volumes 3523
6 Projects 4,215
7 Question Banks 221
8 CD’s 4,413
Institutional Membership

Institution membership details are following

  • National Digital Library of India
  • British Council
  • The American Centre (The U,S. Consulate General)
Digital Libraty (Electronic Resources)

The Digital Library provides online resources for Staff and Students. The following can be accessed from the Digital Library




Computer Facilities

The digital library is containing 20 numbers of computers with high speed internet and head phones to access e-resource effectively.


DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification)

     Library books are being classified based on the DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification)

Book Bank Section

     This section contains 8812 numbers of books can use all the staffs members and students

GATE Exam Books

     GATE books are available from the year 2004 -2023 in the library. Separate section has been earmarked for Competitive exam collections.

24 hours CCTV Camera surveillance for monitoring all activities

Special Collections

     Books are available for competitive examination

Inter Library Loan Facility with the following Resource Centre

     The American Centre, Chennai

     DELNET, New Delhi

     British Council, Chennai

Open Source Software for Visually impaired students

We are providing a facility for the students who are visually impaired by enabling them to read the screen either with a text for speech or by a refreshable Braille display. The following open source software can be used

     Screen reading software NVDA for Divyangjan

     Braille software for Divyangjan

Library Rules & Procedures

Library working hours
  • Working days: 8.30am to 6.00pm
  • Sunday : 10.00am to 1.00pm

  •      Every member must login digitally by using the Identity Card to enter the library.

         Strict silence and discipline should be maintained in the Library.

         Books will be issued and renewed for the students and faculty members if they present in-person only.

         Books borrowed must be returned on or before the due date, otherwise a minimum fine will be collected as per the Library rules.

         Book borrowers are asked to verify the physical condition of the books before borrowing.

         Books borrowed should be protected from rain, insect, etc.

         If the due date falls on a holiday, students may return their books on the next working day.

         If the borrowed book is lost by the student or staff member, she /he has to pay the cost of the book along with fine with receipt as per library rules

    General Instructions

         Eatables/bags/personal books will not be allowed inside the library and the same can be kept in the belongings counter.

         After selecting your required book(s), users are instructed to register the selected books details in circulation section neatly and correctly. After borrowing the book(s), users are instructed to write the book details correctly in the register kept at the entrance.

         Newspapers and periodicals (Journals and Magazines) have to be read in the reading section and it is not being carried to any other area of the library.

         Users are asked to maintain silence inside the library.

         Users are asked to switch off the lights and fans when not required or while leaving from the library.

         Users are asked to keep the library neat and tidy.

         Users of library should not disturb the arrangement of furniture.

        o Outsiders are not allowed in the library without the permission of the concerned authority.

        o Users should not deface, cut, mutilate or damage library materials (including documents) in any form. If found guilty, users will be charged for the particular materials as per library rules.

        o Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library.

    Others Services


    Orientation programme

    News Paper clipping

    • Job Opportunities display
    • Competitive Exam display
    • General News
    • Statutory Bodies News(NAAC,NBA,AICTE, Anna University etc)

    Daily Newspaper

    Emergency Saftey Measures

         Fire Extinguisher

         Emergency Exit

         Sand Bucket

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