The Management
Prof. Dr. M. Karunanithi,B.Pharm., M.S., Ph.D., D.Litt.,
Chairman & Secretary
Vivekanandha Educational Institutions & Hospitals

    Prof. Dr. M.Karunanithi is the Chairman and Secretary, Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital. The untiring work of the philanthropist, and the living legend, has been honored with Vidhya Rattan, Rashtriya Rattan, Hind Rattan, and Kongunattu Sathanaiyalar for his sincere and committed work for the successful enhancement of women and empowerment in different educational genres. Such a benefactor of women hatches vision with mission and fosters their developments in all walks of life. He is a versatile person and a pioneer in the field of women empowerment and a role model to all the young minds. He is a man of wisdom who paves the right path for thousands and thousands of women students.

Mrs. Krishnaveni Karunanithi
Managing Director        

    Mrs. Krishnaveni Karunanithi, Chairperson, Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital is an embodiment of all virtues playing a greater role in transforming every woman both domestically and professionally into a multi-tasking woman in all aspects. She used to motivate young girls to achieve their goals in all possible walks of life. As a mother, she extends her sympathetic disposition to all the children of our institution. Having a broad outlook, she initiates plenty of good avenues for women. As the lady who has got the competence to guide women aspirants, she is also quite supportive in all endeavours of our beloved Chairman, the real woman behind the successful man.

Dr. K. Krupanidhi Karunanithi
Vice Chairman        

    Dr. K. Krupanidhi Karunanithi, Vice Chairman, Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital is an ardent follower of the vision of the Chairman for the progress of women students of Vivekanandha Educational Institutions to make them the best in obtaining quality education especially for the rural students with the view of women empowerment in education. He is an excellent inspirer to the present younger generation in fulfilling their ambitions.

Dr. S. Arthanareeswaran
Joint Managing Director        

    Dr. S. Arthanareeswaran, Executive Director, Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital is extending his unrelenting support and utmost involvement in streamlining every opportunity into more productive and prospective one towards the enhancement of women's inherited talents and skill sets, which in turn would empower them in all spheres.

Dr. K. Sreeraaghanidhi Arthanareeswaran
Joint Secretary        

    Dr. K. Sreeraaghanidhi Arthanareeswaran, Director, Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital, has paved a strong foundation for a continual progress of women's education with an aim of transfiguring every woman into more accomplished and successful personalities and to find a niche for them globally. With the motto of 'Women Empowerment', Vivekanandha Educational Institutions, an exclusive educational stream for women's education, caters to the needs and demands of technical, scientific and arts industries of global job market with technically sound women personnel. She is the woman, who stands by the multifarious ambitious projects of our executive director.

Dr. K.B. Nivethana Krupanidhi

    Mrs. Dr. K.B. Nivethana Krupanidhi is the Director Vivekanandha Educational Institutions for Women & Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital Her respect for human values and encouragement for innovative ideas is an important factor for the growth of Vivekanandha Educational Institutions. Her effort in empowering and employing the youth is a highly appreciable one. As a young woman icon, she leads the academics with confidence and courage. With her excellence guidance the institution will reach its zenith in the globe.

Executive Director        

    Former Pro Vice-Chancellor of pondicherry university, Former Principal of Kongu Engineering College,perundurai for more than a decade ,Former Expert Member of UNIDO & UNESCO and apex Academic bodies like MHRD,UGC,NAAC,NBA,and AICTE.

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