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A media center is a room with equipment for entertaining with digital media. It's like a home theater but is a shared space for everyone in an apartment building or housing community to enjoy. It may be located within an apartment building or a shared clubhouse. A media center is meant for entertainment and social enjoyment and can be used in a variety of ways. It should be able to comfortably accommodate at least a small group of people, if not a larger gathering. Some might use it for watching a live broadcasted event while others may use it for playing video games with friends. The media lab is also supported with the following equipment’s:

  • SONY EVI-D80P CAMERA (SL.NO:3406905)
  • 27U Rack (Including Accessories)
  • Fan Cable Manager Mounting Hardware
  • EPSON Projector Model: EB X41(S.No:X4j28200587)
  • MOTORIZED SCREEN (Size 10/8)
  • HAIER LED Television LE55B9500U
  • Pop UP Box
  • SHURE Wireless Hand MIC-SVX24/Pg58
  • SHURE Wireless Collar MIC-SVX14CVL
  • SHURE MX 418 C
  • ARC 120ub Mixer Amplifier
  • ARC 32 Black Wall Speaker
  • Universal Ceiling Mount Kit
  • VGA Cable-20m,15 and 10m

  • Audio Visual Centre

    AV is an abbreviation for Audio Visual or Audio Video. Audio Visual and Audio Video are interchangeable terms when describing audio and video conferencing communication technology.

    Audio video technology can includes displays, microphones, speakers, and cameras which can be designed with thousands of different technologies

    AV is used to help two parties communicate or project an image and sound in a given space or over video conferencing software

    Lecture Capturing Systems

    Lecture capture is used as shorthand for a range of video applications in education. At its core, though, the term refers to the recording of live lectures for students to watch back later.

    The reasons why this capability appeals to students
    Flexibility – If students can’t be present while a class is happening, they can catch up on the course material when they do have time by watching the recording.

    Comprehension – Students who feel behind or want a refresher on a key concept can review the relevant lesson(s) on demand. Lecture recordings also make great study aids for upcoming exams.

    Accessibility – On-demand lecture videos can support the success of students with disabilities or learning impairments, and any who are out of class frequently for health reasons.

    Key components of lecture capture

    Video source(s) – Cameras, a laptop running a slide deck, a tablet or other mobile device, etc.
    Audio source(s) – Microphones, sometimes paired with a mixer or an in-room audio system

    Video encoder

    Software encoder: OBS, Panopto Recorder, and Kaltura CaptureSpace Recorder
    Hardware encoder is an appliance purpose-built for video streaming and recording

    Mixing Equipment’s and Software for Editing Video

    Video editing software is an application program which handles the post-production video editing of digital video sequences on a computer non-linear editing system (NLE).

    It has replaced traditional flatbed celluloid film editing tools and analogue video tape-to-tape online editing machines. NLE software is typically based on a timeline interface paradigm where sections of moving image video recordings, known as clips, are laid out in sequence and played back. The NLE offers a range of tools for trimming, splicing, cutting and arranging clips across the timeline. Once a project is complete, the NLE system can then be used to export to movie in a variety of formats in context which may range from broadcast tape formats to compressed file formats for the Internet, DVD and mobile devices.

    VSDC Free Video Editor Best free video editing software for desktop
  • Light works.
  • Video Pad
  • Hit Film Express
  • Da Vinci Resolve.
  • VSDC Free Video Editor.
  • Open Shot
  • Shot cut.
  • Blende
  • Media Centre Equipment’s Features and Specifications
  • This smartly styled PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera is ideal for a wide range of security, video conferencing, distance learning and remote monitoring applications.
  • The ¼-type CCD sensor ensures crisp Standard Definition picture quality, even in dim ambient lighting conditions.
  • The stepper motor enables smooth pan/tilt/zoom operation, while an 18x optical zoom range allows frame-filling close-ups.
  • Equally suitable for standard or ceiling mounting, the camera is available in a choice of black (EVI-D80P)
  • Features
    Crisp, clear SD images

    The ¼-type CCD sensor captures crisp Standard Definition images. Shutter speed, gain and white balance are adjustable for excellent performance under virtually any lighting conditions

    Fast PTZ operation

    The stepper motor assures smooth, rapid movement to the target position over a wide pan/tilt angle range

    Wide 18x optical zoom

    The 18x optical zoom range is complemented by 12x digital zoom for frame-filling close-ups of small objects, with every detail seen clearly. A choice of manual, AF or infinity focus modes gives full installation flexibility in any monitoring situation.

    Standard or ceiling mounting

    Installation flexibility is increased by a choice of standard or ceiling mounting options. The camera’s E-Flip function automatically detects mounting orientation so output images are always the right side up.

    Control remotely

    Camera settings and PTZ can be controlled from a remote PC via RS-232C/RS-422 (VISCA) protocols.

    Supplied IR remote

    Easily control pan/tilt/zoom settings using the supplied infrared remote commander

    Stylish design

    The camera’s smart, sleek design fits unobtrusively into a wide range of security and monitoring environments

    Visual Aids-Epson X41 XGA 3LCD Projector

    Ideal for the meeting and huddle rooms, the affordable Epson EB-S41 projector is a multi-functional, packed with features and the perfect choice to present true-to-life images. Captivating presentations are now possible with stunning colour and white brightness of up to 3,300 lumens to ensure crystal clear images. The intuitive home screen puts all commonly used functions together for easy selection.

  • White and Colour Brightness at 3,300lm & SVGA resolution
  • High contrast ratio of 15,000:1
  • Horizontal keystone slider
  • 10,000 hours lamp life in eco-mode
  • Multi-PC Projection Moderator Function

    With the control of a host PC, up to 50 terminals can be connected via the multi-PC projection to a single projector. The host PC acts as a moderator, selecting media from up to four PCS or smart devices to be projected simultaneously. With the moderator function, you can maintain control and prevent tampering of what’s projected on screen.

    Eco Features
  • Uses just 0.2W of power in standby mode
  • Projector optics employ lead-free lenses
  • Unpainted plastic housing reduces the environment impact
  • The flame retardants used in the plastic housing do not contain chlorine or bromine
  • HAIER LED LE55B9500U
    4K UHD

    Ultra HD (Ultra High Definition) has a resolution of 3840*2160, which is 4 times resolution of 1080P. It shows clearer and more smooth picture with


    HDMI allows you to connect your entertainment gadgets to LED and conveniently switch to each device & have enjoyable multimedia experience.

    Media Centre Equipment’s with Quantity
    1 SONY EVI-D80P CAMERA (SL.NO:3406905) 1
    2 MILESTONE VGA MATRIX 404(S.NO :61652) 1
    3 27U Rack(Including Accessories)
    Fan Cable Manager Mounting Hardware
    4 EPSON Projector Model :EB X41(S.No:X4j28200587) 1
    5 MOTORIZED SCREEN(Size 10/8) 1
    6 HAIER LED LE55B9500U 1
    7 Pop UP Box 1
    8 SHURE Wireless Hand MIC-SVX24/Pg58 1
    9 SHURE Wireless Collar MIC-SVX14CVL 1
    10 SHURE MX 418 C 1
    11 MG 12 XU/YAMAHA 1
    12 ARC 120ub Mixer Amplifier 1
    12 ARC 32 Black Wall Speaker 4
    14 Universal Ceiling Mount Kit 2
    15 VGA Cable-20m 3
    16 VGA Cable -15m 2
    17 VGA Cable -10m 3
    18 Power Cable-20m 3
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